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Penelope Spall. Nearly 20 (probably 20 by the time anyone reads this) click on the links underneath to learn about me.
I'm a book lover that would rather live in a fairytale than reality. I like looking up to the sky, my favourite book is norweigan woods and I will never understand why people are so opinionated.
I wish my life could be one big festival that never ends.

I want to be a bird.

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Day Seven, 8th September 2011

when someone loves you, they seem to want all of you. can you give all of you to me too? you can’t right, can you? 

everyone wants all of the other person, when they can’t give them all of themself. that’s why i don’t want to fall in love, it seems selfish and tainted after the fluffy feelings you start with slowly dissolve

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Day six, 7th September 2011
Sometimes when I read I wish I could live the characters life in the book. Not because they have some fantasy perfect life but because sometimes I’d like to see the world through their eyes. It’s funny how you can be so inspired by a person that doesn’t exist.

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Day five, 6th september 2011
I keep trying to change, but it never works out. Maybe I don’t want to change, or maybe, I just don’t know how.

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Day four, 5th September 2011
Sometimes, my life seems so pointless. But then again, what makes everyone else’s lives so much worth living than my own?

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Day three, 4th September 2011
Yes, at this moment in my life I am very sad.

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Day two, 3rd September 2011 
I’m still not over you, and it makes me unable to move on with anyone else, But the funny thing is, when I see you it’s not the same.
My feelings have changed, I just don’t feel that way about you anymore. So I don’t understand what’s made making my heart turn cold. I just don’t seem to care anymore

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Day one, 2nd September 2011
When you meet people, friends that you really care about. Every day is filled with fun and laughter with everyone. This year, and the next, and the one after that too, you feel like you’ll all be together forever.
But, everyone’s important things change, mine also definitely do. Then you move on and somehow everything that once meant so much to you becomes a memory.
It’s somehow unforgivable, I feel like a cold person.

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